When a night out on the town goes wrong

Everybody enjoys relaxing after a long day at work or when the weekend finally arrives. For many, that relaxation might involve going out, enjoying night life, drinking or going to a bar. These activities are fun, but when alcohol is involved, they can also lead to trouble. If you want to stay safe, it is important not to fall prey to any of the disturbances that can turn a night of relaxation into a night of regret.

Getting into a fight

Bars are a fun place to hang out, socialize and meet new people, but they can also get rowdy when too many people are drinking and a confrontation occurs. Getting into a bar fight may seem like no big deal, but it could easily result in criminal charges that derail your life and have serious consequences. Rather than let your aggression get the best of you, it is wise to pace your drinking and walk away from conflict.

Public intoxication

Getting drunk in a bar is perfectly legal if you are over 21, but if you drink in public or cause a nuisance due to your drunkenness, you are liable to be charged with public intoxication. Rather than risk this, keep your drinking moderate or simply have your fun at home.

Driving under the influence

According to the Department of Transportation in Wisconsin, consequences for a DUI conviction can include license suspension, fines, jail time or a combination of all penalties. Many people underestimate their own inebriation and get behind the wheel when they should wait to sober up or call a ride. A DUI is a serious offense, and in addition to the legal penalties, you could experience a collision that further complicates your situation.

It is easy to have a good time when you are drinking, but it is not always easy to stay out of trouble. Contact an attorney for legal advice if you have been charged with one of these or any other alcohol-related crimes. 

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