Why a day at Lambeau Field is costing some fans $880

According to a report published by the Gannett Wisconsin Media Investigative Team, football fans are getting sacked with hefty fines stemming from criminal arrests at Lambeau field.

A day at an NFL football game already carries a steep price. Most fans are paying at least $100 for their tickets. Parking will set you back anywhere from $15 to $50. A beer costs around $8.

A criminal arrest in the stands or in the Lambeau field concourse can raise the price of a fan’s game day significantly.

The charge of unlawful conduct at a public event carries a fine of $880. If other charges are filed, such as resisting arrest, public intoxication or assault, the fines and other criminal consequences are even harsher.

If you or someone you know has been arrested at Lambeau field, you are not alone. During the 2014 season, fans were fined an estimated $58,535 by the City of Green Bay Municipal Court. Whether you live here or were traveling to see your team play the Packers, it’s important to talk to a local defense attorney who knows Wisconsin laws and how to navigate the criminal justice system in Green Bay and Brown County.

At J. Kippa Law in Appleton, we encourage all fans to enjoy the game responsibly. If something does happen, however, it is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer before making any important decisions. This arrest could have consequences that last long after game day. A permanent mark on your criminal record could hold you back from important opportunities, such as getting a job or getting accepted by the school of your choice. Leaving this matter in inexperienced hands could be the wrong call for your future. 



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