Why early representation is important when suspected of a crime

Sometimes, a fair amount of time passes between a person finding out that police are investigating them for a crime and authorities making the ultimate decision of whether to charge them or not.

Now, in the time before a charging decision, there are all kinds of actions and steps authorities may be taking. It can also be an important time of action for the person under suspicion of a crime. One of the actions that can be a key one for such a person is to quickly get skilled defense representation.

Why would a person need the representation of a criminal defense lawyer before charges have been brought? Well, in the time between the start of a police investigation and a decision of whether charges will be brought:

  • What happens can have major implications on whether charges will ultimately be pursued. There are some charges, like sex crime charges, in which facing them, even if one is ultimately acquitted, can have major impacts on an individual’s life.
  • What happens can impact what kind of legal situation a suspect is in if authorities do ultimately decide to charge.
  • Many key decisions could come up for a suspect in relation to the police’s investigatory efforts that could have lasting repercussion for them.

In this nerve-racking and potentially very impactful time, securing early representation can give a suspect access to skilled legal guidance when key decisions or issues come up which could affect their legal position and their future.

Early representation services are one of the many types of Wisconsin criminal defense services provided here at . For information on the early representation aspects of our criminal defense practice, see this page.

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