Wisconsin protective orders and penalties for violating them

Someone in Appleton, Wisconsin, who gets accused of a crime related to domestic violence will likely also have a restraining order or protective order served on him or her. In addition to requiring the person to stay away from the alleged victim, the order can require the target of the order to do things like surrender his or her firearms to authorities.

Protective orders can be enforced in a number of different ways. As court orders, a court may find someone who violated a protective order to be in contempt and punish the violator accordingly. Protective orders may also be issued in connection with one’s bail or probation. If a person violates a protective order while on bail or probation, they may wind up having their conditional freedom revoked and being taken in to custody.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, someone who violates a Wisconsin protective order can face an additional criminal charge which could land them in jail for up to 9 months. Additionally, they may have to pay a $1,000 fine. These penalties can apply even if no additional abuse occurred in connection with the violation of a protective order.

Appleton residents who are the targets of a protective order, particularly if they’ve also been accused of domestic violence, should take utmost care to follow the terms of the protective order strictly. If they have any questions or concerns, they should use the appropriate legal channels.

However, even with the utmost care, it is still possible to be accused, even falsely accused, of violating a protective order. In these sorts of situations, a person should seek out the advice and assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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